I'm moving soon and am contemplating replacing my surround & center speakers with something from the TL line. I've had 5.1 for years now and 3 years ago went up to 7.1. I started with a main pair of old Monitor 4 Series 2 and added on from there as I could. Currently the setup is:

Source: Onkyo TX-NR709
Main: Polk Monitor 4 Series 2
Center: Polk CSi20
Surround L/R: Polk M3ii
Rear L/R: Polk Atrium 45
Sub: Polk DSWPro550

Between the size & layout of the new place and the wife factor, I'm thinking of replacing the 4 surrounds and center with a TL2 or TL3 set. I plan on replacing the Monitor 4's within the next 2-3 years as well with floor-standing speakers.

I'd love to be able to replace it all with a full LSi series, but I'm a few years and more dollars short of that right now.

Is the CSi20 worth keeping? Should I just replace the surrounds? I only though of replacing the center because of the deal on the TL250/350 sets. I'm not sure how much of a difference there would be between the CSi20's larger woofer vs. the 2 woofers in the TL2/3.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated!