Will be getting my first amplifier Rotel RB-1090 by end of next week. So preparations are on. I want to keep it separate from my HT setup.

Some real dumb qs.

1. Can you connect DVD/CD player audio out directly to amplifier. With built in processor the audio out should work isnít it ? Actually I donít know what role pre-amplifier plays ? I donít have funds to buy a pre-amp and cant use HT receiver as that set up cant take this AMP. Is it possible or I will have to go for an pre-amp.
2. What kind of interconnect cable should I use, cheap & good not the best & pricey.
3. What speaker cables, I use monster speaker cable right now. Simple pink ones.

Speakers would be either of these.

Magnapan / Polk Lsi9/Lsi15 / ACI Saphire / B&W 603 S3