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    Default Connecting Amplifier ? Help please.

    Will be getting my first amplifier Rotel RB-1090 by end of next week. So preparations are on. I want to keep it separate from my HT setup.

    Some real dumb qs.

    1. Can you connect DVD/CD player audio out directly to amplifier. With built in processor the audio out should work isnít it ? Actually I donít know what role pre-amplifier plays ? I donít have funds to buy a pre-amp and cant use HT receiver as that set up cant take this AMP. Is it possible or I will have to go for an pre-amp.
    2. What kind of interconnect cable should I use, cheap & good not the best & pricey.
    3. What speaker cables, I use monster speaker cable right now. Simple pink ones.

    Speakers would be either of these.

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    An amplifier is going to do 1 thing, Amplify! Inorder to use one you are going to need a pre amp. Connecting a source component directly to the amp will not work the way you want it to, there will be no way to control the volume or any of the other settings that are normally handled by a pre-amp.
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    Exclamation Do Not Connect Your Source To The Amp

    Stop. Don't try that at home. Very nice amplifier, do you want to destroy it? Why can't you use the HT receiver? Pre-Outs are all you need....anyways.

    Like Frank said, you need a Pre-Amp. You could do alot of damage to your system by connecting your source to the amplifier.

    Your cables are fine for now, just get cheap ones, upgrade later if you want.

    When you get the Pre-Amp, then the other questions can be answered more in depth.

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