So what techniques do you use to dial in your EQ? This sc-25 reciever has many frequency adjustments that can be made, but what I don't like about it is that you can't be listening to something while adjusting it like you can with a slider or knob adjuster, so its kind of makes it more dificult.

If I let the MCACC do all the calibration then it is a bit off, I think in the upper mid-range... Not positive though.. I mean what frequency range is a kettle drum?

Do you set test tones and measure with an SPL meter and try to make all the frequencies the same number? Looking for some techniques..

Also, what mode do you set for music or ht (symetery, front align, one of the others?).. Lot of options with this reciever, but I am afraid I don't yet posess all the skills required to properly dial it in.