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Thread: MM2124 vs MM124

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    Default MM2124 vs MM124

    Are there any REAL differences in these two woofers? I've read that there is in the wattage etc, but if the 2124's are just updates then I'll go ahead with two 12's of those.

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    The 2124's are not updates. They are the MOMO Carbon Series and are considered a more affordable downgrade from the MOMO 124. If you have the 124's already, you may want to stick with them.

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    well... i consider them more of a different kind of beast.

    i think the installer at my local CC said it best "its a totally different kind of beast".

    its a return to what polk did best - an affordable (read as "not cheap, but if you save a few bucks, you can afford it and not cry about it") sub that takes a respectable amount of power but is aimed at great sound on all types of music ----- and ... least we forget .... durability.

    i want one... or two... or 10.

    but the bastids wont even put em on display yet !!!! *excessive grumbling*

    long story short -- if i had no subs right now, and i was going to go buy a couple... as long as i wasn't shopping 1,000w woofers, i'd prolly take the new baby-momo's over just about any other sub out there.
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    Funny, I work at a CC Roadshop, I made a point to bring them out when we got them.

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