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    Default Polk DXI Series 650 and 690 crackling on Head Unit, NO amp????


    I'm new here and just wanted to make sure I'm not messing anything up on this new setup. I just installed in my son's car a new Kenwood Headunit and front and rear speakers.

    He went with the Polk DXI 650s in the front doors and the Polk DXI690s for the rear deck.

    These speakers are not hooked to any type of amp, just the head unit. He is getting a Polk 4 channel amp next week.

    When we turn the stereo up past 22-23 the speakers make a cracking sound. Once I heard this I cranked it down as I kinda thought the headunit is unable to power these correctly at higher volumes.

    I just want to be sure there's nothing wrong with the speakers. I see the fronts can handle 100w continuous and the rears 125w.

    Will adding an amp cause this noise to go away? Any suggestions other wise.

    By the way, even with a normal headunit these things sound awesome! They're begging for power I can hear it.......


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    Im no expert, but it sounds like the amp in the headunit is unable to provide enough power to the speakers and it might be clipping. Once the amp is added and tuned properly, it will prolly get better.
    Even if the headunit boasts 50 watts x 4, its likely closer to 20 watts.
    Hope it works out!

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