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    Default is worth replacing lsi15 crossover for stock or do an upgrade?

    Hi i burned one of the little white boxes in my lsi15 crossover. Sorry im not too familiar with electrical names so pls bare with me. My question is, is it better to do an upgrade? and how much more than the $70 dollars that cost to buy a stock One would it cost me?

    Or should i save my money and try to replace the burned little white box?

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    Talk to Trey at '' ''.
    He does alot of crossover work here, he can probably answer your questions,

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    If you can swing it, upgrade the crossovers while you have a good excuse. It will cost well over $70 because you'll want to do both speakers, but it's worth it.

    +1 to chumlie's suggestion. Trey will be modding my 9's later on this summer...I hope.

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    Just a for what it is worth - I am all about upgrading crossovers :) but I also do not mind fixing a pair of LSi15 crossovers for $40.00 with parts and that would include a 10 watt non inductive resistor versus the cheap 5w sand cast resistor in the stock crossovers... (again that is a pair)

    I can currently have this done within 10 hours of receiving your crossovers...

    Either way!

    Thank you guys very very much for the recommendations and I hope I can be of help! :) /////

    "No, that's silly talk. Dude, you can't possibly be this audio dumb so quit the act." - Doro

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