I recently acquired a Polkaudio Surroundbar 3000 speaker. This thing is awesome audio quality and a deffinite upgrade to TV speakers. Unfortunately, the above speaker did not come with wireless subwoofer. In the process of trying locating the subwoofer, I cam across Boston TVee M20 sub. It looked like a right size, it looked like it has the 4-position switch for ID. I did some on-line research and could not find anything about if the subwoofer will work with the soundbar or not. Since the sub was available for very cheap, I went ahead and bought it figuring that if it does not work, I can probably use it as wired. So I brought it home, plugged, and to my surprise it was immediately working wirelessly with the Polk soundbar. This is awesome. Now I have a complete system even it is a bit miss-matched as far as Brands go.

So if any of you in the same situation where it looks like you would benefit from mixing Polk 3000 system and Boston Tvee M20, it looks like you can.

Al in all, I am new to Soundbars and wireless subwoofers, but I am well impressed with the sound quality that the system produces. I have a toslink connection with it and get kind of a surround feel, which is really cool. Also, I am pretty heavy with Wi-Fi. I have Wi-Fi-N repeater almost in between the sub and soundbar as well as Wi-Fi router about 50' away. Two smart phones using WiFi-G and a PC. None of that makes any impact of the wireless link between the Boston Sub and Polk Surroundbar. "Thumping" is clean and without interruptions, unlike with some other systems I have read in few reviews outthere.

P.S. It looks like I can pick another Boston Tvee M20 sub for peanuts. I am thinking getting it and having two subs connected to the same Soundbar. Cool thing about Boston Tvee M20, they have a volume knob. I will post on that subject once I get the second sub.