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    Default Would this match my setup?

    I currently have an Onk 701 and RTi70s, I need to still get a center and surrounds.. I'm thinking of getting a pair of RTi28s and a CSi30.. Then I've been considering a CT-120 for a sub.. Either that or a CHT10 or PSW505.

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    How big is your room this is going to go in? that really can help determine the size of sub you need.. more than anything.. yes Velo subs are good.. i haven't heard the PSW505. so i can't say there. when it comes to subs.. my theory is to overbuy.. you can always turn the sub down. but you can never make a sub do more than what it was designed to do.

    A PSW505 will do pretty dang good in a 18 x 14 room. but a PSW 202 would get lost. see my point? overbuy is the way to go in my opinion. and we all know that's what counts more than anything. my opinion.

    JK! :p
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    I would seriously consider a CSi40 as a center. Consider the room size as Danger pointed out though. I've always been more comfy with 6.5" speakers rather than the 5.25". A personal choice though.....
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    If you can get your hands on the PSW650, I would look at that for a matching solution to the system you have built for yourself.

    Even if that is not an option, the Velodyne CHT-12 would be my choice. It would take little work to get this sub to blend in well with your Polk towers.

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    Hey Keith,

    I currently have the Onkyo 696 (which is the same model but two years older than your 701 model) RTi70s, CSi40, and FXi30s. If I were you, I would definitely consider getting the 40 over the 30. I spoke to many forum members before making my selection, and listening to them in the store showroom; I am very happy with purchase. I bought mine fore $400, but you could probably pick one up right now for $250 at a local Fry's or CC.

    I believe my room is 17 x 15 and I have the PSW350 sub (10"). I wish now that someone like danger boy would have given me advice. My old room was much smaller and this sub was great. Now that I am in a bigger room, it gets lost and does not have the same impact anymore. I strongly suggest picking up at least the 505 to get the 12" woofer or the 650 with dual 10" subs. And if it is too much then just turn it down some. Hope this helps.


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    Personally I'd rather keep $200 in my pocket and turn a smaller sub up than "overbuy" something more than I need and turn it way down... :) Unless you plan to buy a larger house or something ....

    Anyways the real reason I posted is, I wanted to ask, how do you like the Onkyo 701? They have a good price right now at Circuit City and I was thinking of upgrading my older Onkyo 575. I like the 701 because, Direct mode (for 2ch music), ProLogicII (I watch a lot of TV in ProLogic mode), component video in/out, more power and most of all, a Phono input (the 601 and below doesn't have a phono input can you believe it?? I have a large collection of records I still listen to :)

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