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    Default 2B IC cable binding post upgrade

    Granted this has been done but I wanted to share my pin swap to a binding post. I used a pair of Dayton 091-1150 posts and used the existing pin slot. After I peeled away the factory hot glue the post lifted out with a gentle squeeze from the pliers.

    I did need to ream the hole with a 3/16" bit to fit the Dayton post but but you could reuse the factory post for whatever reason if needed. Simply drive a small screw perpendicular to the hole and catch the detent on the factory plug to prevent it from pulling out.

    I soldered a ring terminal to the factory blue wire and bolted it up, nice solid mount...then re-applied a mound of hot glue.

    Thank you DarqueKnight for the Monster Z2 recommendation.

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    Looks good.

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