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    Default MOMO midrange with DXi6500 system...

    I am in the process of building my car stereo, right now my setup is as follows...Kenwood KDC-MP642U head unit, Polk MOMO 10" woofer powered by 600w Kenwood amp, Kicker 6x9 two ways in the deck (soon to be replaced with Polk 3 ways), and DXi6500 components in the front. One of the cones in the DXi's are blown, and I have purchased an old used set of MM6 midrange drivers. My question is can the MOMO midranges be run with no issues using the DXi crossovers and tweeters? Any help would be great...

    ps, as a side note, all speakers in my system are soon to be powered by a seperate 400w 4 channel amplifier...

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    Anyone with any knowledge about this? I just don't want to damage any of my components...

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    i can't see any problems with this as long as you set a HPF on the mids via your amp. i know that polk midbass 6.5s normally play down to 35hz but i've never really risked it so i usually crossover with my subs through my amps HPF/LPF at 63hz or 80 hz (18db slope fixed on my amps)

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