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Thread: Hello Again

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    Default Hello Again

    Just wanted to say Hi! to all my old friends on the Polk Audio Site. Been away for awhile taking care of my Dad, after a long illness he passed away peacefully after living a full life, I took care of him til the end and it has been the most rewarding thing I have done in all my life, audio took a back seat for along time but finally got around to listening to some tunes on the system hasn't been on in awhile but sounds great. Have some old polk goodies in the storage shed that ill get around to listening too soon, i.e.: lsi9, lsi7, and some lsi15, with some anthem and macintosh amps, even still have a Rotel or 2 thanks Dan, and big Lou whats up, hope Doro, and the Russman are still around, hope all are well!

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    Welcome back!
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    You will be blessed for helping your dad leave this world as peacefully as possible.

    Last year my wife and i went through the same with our moms within a few months.

    God bless and enjoy your gear again.
    humpty dumpty was pushed

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    Good on you for taking care of your Dad and am glad to hear he is at peace now. You no doubt got to spend time with him before he passed and were probably rewarded tenfold with stories and reminiscing about growing up. I hope we all get to do that for our parents and are able to help them when their time comes after being so reliant on them for our lives. You are to be commended for putting family first and doing the noble thing.

    Welcome back and hope to see you posting again soon.

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    Welcome back!
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