Behold the Franken Fisher!!! Okay nothing to crazy. Had a Fisher come in with a dead output tranny. We had a Sherwood s 5500 with a dead ps transformer, so I ended up pulling the output transfomers out of it and placing them in the Fisher. Iimpedance specs were similar on the good tranny from the Fisher. Size was close, but not exact. I had to drill 6 holes for mounting the trannies. And 14 wire connections later I had a motor boat running on my bench, at least that was what it sounded like. Changed 2 wires per channel and we were listening to a once half working Fisher 400.Name:  fRANKEN fISHER.jpg
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Size:  139.9 KB You can see the old mounting holes right behind the mounting tabs on the left side of either tranny. Nothing special, just had to share.