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Thread: Psw110

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    Default Psw110

    What is the phase switch on the sw for and should I set to 0 or 180

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    About phase switch on your subwoofer (from Cnet website):

    " To determine if your sub's phase is correct, play music with a lot of bass for a minute or so. Then walk over to the sub, flip the phase switch to the other position, and head back to the couch. The right (in-phase) position will yield more bass; the wrong (out-of-phase) position will actually cancel the bass where the satellites' and sub's bass overlap. In some cases, the difference between in phase and out of phase will be very obvious, and sometimes it can be fairly subtle. It's just a matter of finding the right piece of bassy music that highlights the overlap. If you have friends helping out, they can sit by the sub and flip the switch while you listen for the phase position that yields the most bass."

    You should try your sub first with a the phase switch set to 0. But, follow the instructions above to determine what position works best for you.

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    What do you mean by yeild more bass?

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