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    Default advice needed on these speakers

    I have possibly found my end -all set of towers if the stars are aligned and the condition and price are worth them. As some of you already know I have a hodge- bodge of speakers and are lookinfg for a final set of towers ,something like Klipsch KLF20s or Polk AT-12C.Well I've found the 12s and the seller wants $265 for the pair and gives the usual remarks decent cabinets, great drivers no rot present,no water damage,grills presentable. So if all this is true and I gave him my # at $200 w/ p/u. This would include gas .,tolls and borrowing a SUV. I think they would fit perfectly where the Infintys are now. If this all comes together I will offer the Infinitys to my college going frat brother nephew of mine,if he does not want them then I'll offer here first to a newbie ,then donate to GoodWill since there is nothing mechanically wrong w/ them.
    So,is this the deal I've been waiting for if all conditions and tech,sonically all is ok...
    2chl- Adcom 555- NAD 1020a pre- JVC-QL-A200 tt- Denon 1940 ci cdp- Samson - 9 outlet- Niles - 6 zone spkr selector- DCM TF 350s- ADC 303ax- KLH 331- Polk Audio '87 SDA 2Bs w/ ic cable (Dynamat extreme, black hole-5- Mills 0.5 resistor, liquid nails, RDO- 194 tweeters, Larry's rings, Armaflex gaskets, stained walnut tops )

    H/T- Toshiba au40" flat- Yamaha RX- V665 avr- YSD-11 Dock- I-Pod- Klipsch #500HD Speaker set- Sony ce 375 5 disc carosel cdp-

    Nikko 6065 receiver- JBL J2060

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    If they are "rta 12c's at 200.00 is a good deal if they are right. Very nice speakers.
    Main Rig:
    Krell KAV 250a
    McIntosh MC 2120 bi-amped
    Into JBL L123 drivers
    Rane external crossover.
    MIT exp 1 ic's
    Perreaux SA33 class A preamp
    AQ kingcobra ic's
    YAMMY CDC-665
    Marantz 6100 tt w/pickering XV-15/625E cart.
    Monster HTS 3600 power conditioner
    POLK RTA-12C'S W/ RDO194 TWEETS, clarity ESA caps mills risistors (full mod)
    MIT exps2 speaker cable

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