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    Default Polk PA330 amp Problem

    Hi everyone
    this is my first time posting on this site... Ive been using this amp for about 2 weeks with no problem and today i turn the car on and the Red protection light was on.. Ive unplugged all the wires and checked the power wires with a test light and they are getting power... i have the ground in the trunk but i moved it to the battery ground after the light came on and that didnt help.... any idea's on why the protection light is on and how to turn it off? thanks for any help you all can give me XD

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    Hello Dragon,
    Thanks for posting on Polk's forum, I'm sorry you're having a problem. In all likelihood there is something wrong with the amplifier and it should be examined either by the audio store where it was purchased or by Polk's service facility. On Tuesday give Polk's CS department a call at 1-800-377-7655 or send an email to for help.
    Regards, Ken

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    Could be a bunch of things at this point including amp itself going bad. If you have another amp you can try or get one from your friend I'd say do that. By doing so you'll know if it's the amp you should be looking further into or wiring/connection....
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