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Thread: Soundbar 3000

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    Default Soundbar 3000

    I have a soundbar 3000 which continually goes into mute (power on, green light flashing, no sound) while in use. All it takes to get the sound back is a bump of the volume button, but looking for a way to fix so this thing works correctly. Thanks

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    Hello mbarnard,
    Thanks for posting on Polk's forum. As you probably already know the SurroundBar 3000 has an auto on/off feature which has a threshold needed to keep the system on. In all likelihood the incoming signal you're providing the unit falls below this threshold limit and the auto is triggered. Are you able to raise the level of the incoming source signal? If not it might be a good idea to exchange your SB for another unit, there can be slight differences in the auto trigger level from unit to unit.
    Best regards, Ken

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