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    Default RT2000P repair or replace??

    So here is the situation folks, I have a pair of Polk RT2000P speakers that I have been using for 9-10 years (bought used so maybe 15-years old). Recently I hear a thumping / knocking sound of the left speaker when under normal listening levels when heavy bass is present in a movie. I think the surround may have given out allowing one of the powered 8" drivers to bottom out but I am not sure. It has happened a few times so I don't think it is a fluke but i dont see sny physical damage to the cones or the surrounds..i am considering getting them re-coned but since there are two drivers per cabinet and two cabinets, I am looking at 4 cones and I am not sure that this will be cost effective. This also assumes that I have ID'd the problem correctly and that it is not power related with the built in amp throwing too much juice.

    That said, I know that at one time these speakers were around $1k each and well regarded. I have to assume that to replace with something new and equal or better quality I am in the same price range (maybe more if I need to buy a separate sub). If I look for replacement / upgrades what price range am I in now and what do you recommend?

    How much should I expect for the repair bill on them with the issue I described?

    I am running an Integra Audio DTR 40.1 reciever and I use this setup for movies and CD listening through a Marantz CC4003 changer with a CS400 center.

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    Pick up a pair of A7's, and a decent sub from HSU, EPIC, SVS, even Elemental design, and you could do it all under 1500. This would blow away your current setup. Keep the center until you could afford a newer one like an A6. Of course, used will save you even more.

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    Figure out which driver is causing the thump... swap with another driver from the other speaker... See if the thump follows the speaker. If so, then the driver is bad... If the thump remains with the same cabinet, then it could be an amp or crossover issue.

    Driver replacements should not be that expensive, providing Polk still has them in stock. The rubber surrounds should last the life of the speakers so I doubt if that is the cause. You could rotate the driver 180 degrees to verify.

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    It could be a spider that came loose from its basket. Easy fix if it's that.

    Good luck.
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    I will check the mechanical stuff this weekend, but I did call Polk and they no longer sell parts for this speaker.


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