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Thread: Setup advice

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    Question Setup advice

    Heres my setup.
    Denon 1802 Rcvr (75 x 5)
    polk rti100
    psw 120
    Single income family man, now you understand why it takes me longer to acquire this fun stuff. :) Just got the RTi100's at Frys for 398 pair.
    Now, I have my rcvr. to sub out using the monster cable, and the bass mgnmt is set to sub and fronts(set to large). I have tried it both ways, and i like it better with it set this way because I think the rti100's can handle it? Of course center and rears are set to small.
    I know the PSW 120 is kind of small for what I have now, but when I started the rt25's were the fronts.

    Any advice/help is appreciated. Thanks.

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    Sounds to me like you've got things under control. If you ever purchase a more powerful subwoofer, you might want to consider selling your mains for RT 800's, and then you can set those to small as well; that will take an easier toll on your receiver, and therefore make your speaks more dynamic on the whole.

    Cripes, I'm wasted, someone do the guy some justice. I wouldn't have responded but someone had to, you know?

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    Talking reply

    Thanks for the response. I went back to running them large and using just the sub for bass management. Its hard to tell a differnce, but when I run the sub out to the mains, its a little more boomy and i didnt liek it.

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    Welcome to Club Polk Jeff.

    I agree that the RTi100's can handle the bass, if the amp can dish out the watts.
    I just finished college and it takes me awhile to aquire equipment aswell.

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