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Thread: Mcacc

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    Default Mcacc

    Just ran MCACC with my new center. Set speakes to -8, -2, -5 etc. The sub was set to -8.5. Is this normal? Really have to up the gain to get any volume out of it. Sounds ok, but working the crap out of my AVR. What else does the MCACC do? I am thinking of just maxing out all of the speakers.
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    Sounds normal, I always run it then boost the sub a bit, even with my SMS. Whatever you like, I may be a bit of a bass head.

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    Doesn't sound normal to me. Where did you have the mic at ? It needs to be at ear level in the listening position with no other noise going on at home while it calibrates. That may mean putting pillows on a couch, stack of books, to get that mic to ear level.

    If all else fails, do it manually untill your ears tell you it sounds good. Try setting all levels to 0 and bump the sub to +3 and go from there. If you like a more pronounced surround field from the rear, bump those up a couple notches, or if the center sounds too low, bump that too. If the front left and right seems lopsided due to placement and listening position, bump or subtract from one or the other until it sounds balanced.

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    I run the Mcacc on a small table on the couch so it is ear level. Then i still go in manually and tweek it for my tastes. While the mcacc does a great job on the room acoustics as far as distance, reverb, attack and such, i still find i need to tweek the sub and a little of the center / fronts for my taste.

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