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    Default LSiM 703 in Vermont Cherry?

    I was all set to buy a pair last night directly from the site. Out of stock and appear out of stock everywhere that I've searched. Are these just incredibly popular in cherry or are the cherry trees in short supply? I'm looking forward to hearing them.

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    They're worth the wait. I have a pair and I'll never part with them. They'll always be in one setup or another. Hope you find some soon.

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    Well, congrats on pulling the trigger... mentally at least! That's a big step!

    They really are a great sounding speaker. I heard them at a dealer on all Bryston gear and it was great... then I got a demo pair and they sounded great on my 2-channel rig... now I own a pair that's in my HT rig and they sound great there! Very versatile.

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