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    Default Blade Runner 25th Anniversary 3 disc soundtrack

    I had this delivered the other day and gave the first disc a whirl in the 2 channel rig. Pretty damn impressive! As much credit that Ridley Scott gets for the movie, Vangelis took it over the top with their (in my opinion) brilliant score.

    Very open and airy sounding. Track 7, Blade Runner Blues, is a gorgeous track! Turn down the lights, turn up the volume and shut out the world.
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    This is always one of my favorite soundtracks. I love the contrast between the subtlety of some tracks to the heavienss of others. I will definately have to buy this 3CD set as I haven't heard most of the music on here. Particulalry discs 2 an 3. Those tracks haven't been released, I don't believe (at least officially). Thanks for the link.
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