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    Default Polk Audio Monitor 60 Sound Setting(db)

    I have a Yamaha RX-V371 hooked up to my 2 Monitor 60s. These are the only 2 speakers I have. The comfort of say pending what I'm doing is this:

    Wii - -40db area
    PS3 - -30 db area
    XBox - -30 db area
    TV - -25 db all the way to -30 db pending the actual show

    Now I've had times where my cat steps on my remote and it cranks up to +10, -05 area before I could quick grab the remote and turn it back down and this is exactly where this question comes in.

    What is TOO loud(bad for speakers)? What is the good mid-range db of the speakers when it comes to keeping them safe/taking care of them(not popping them)? If the receiver volume range has any play in this answer, the receiver goes anywhere from -80(lowest) to I'm guessing +80(never even turned the volume that high to find out).


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    I had a question similar to this a couple of years ago and someone actually responded with an answer that was specific to my receiver model. But, other than that, I think the general consensus is that you want to listen for any distortion as that would be indicative that the amp is being stressed. However, amp stress or "clipping" is not always audible. So, I tend to listen for the point at which any increase at the volume knob is not met with an increase in sound. It's sort of like working out at the gym. There's that point of diminishing returns when doing an extra set of reps is probably doing more harm than good. It takes knowing when is the best time to wipe that sweat off your brow, take a few more swigs off the water bottle, and call it a night before you pass out from a heart attack or heat exhaustion.
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    Welcome to Club Polk!

    From what I can see none of the settings above look dangerous for your speakers. Also, it's quite unlikely that if your volume starts at -80 db that it goes to +80 db. It probably maxes out at 0 or +20 db or less.

    What sponger says is basically correct. What you don't want to do is 'clip' your receiver. That means driving it to the point where it produces "distortion". It should be pretty easy to hear that. The problem is backing the AVR off fast enough when you do hear something like that. Usually you end up with a blown tweeter or two. Or more. Like sponger suggests, things can happen sometimes even before you notice them--CD and DVD/Bluray dynamics are so great that wild swings can occur in an instant.

    The problem is that, as you can see from your own numbers, different sources have different output levels which leads to different settings on your AVR. And AVR db scales are NOT good guides for actual loudness levels and increases in those levels. They also vary from one model and manufacturer to another so no one can really give you an "exact" number where you're going to clip your AVR.

    Finally, your AVR is an "entry" level receiver so DO NOT push it because it will clip and do it earlier than later.

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