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    Default Need help with my polk audio Pa 880 amp

    Hi i have a Pa 880 amp running a 12" Kicker CVX and i have the amp Turned 75% up and the amp always gets super hot after 10 mins of playing music and the amp goes in to protection mode just wondering what the problem is???

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    Turn the gain down... !!! SHouldn't need it up much past half way. That will cut down on the heat. Also check to make sure that your CVX isn't a 2ohm dual voice coil and it being wired down to 1 ohm. The PA880 is not stable there. Good luck !

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    Yup. Gain is way too high so you're overdriving it pretty good. Its not a volume control, it simply matches the amps input with the head units output so when the head unit is at 50% volume, the amp is at 50% volume.

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