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Thread: RT1000i Towers

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    Default RT1000i Towers

    Much successs I have had with the RT2000i series I have in the living room, I went out and picked up a set of the RT1000i series for the bedroom yesterday. When I hooked them up and plugged in the the speaker cords for the subs I get nothing out of them as far as low end and the volume knob does nothing either?? I tried switching out the cables from the RT2000i (which are working great) and nothing?? The speakers are working in the RT1000i's just no woofer action. I called my friend that sold them to me and he said from day one thay have always been plugged in, but he never used the woofer part of the tower?? Meaning he never installed a cable to the in or outs and ran nothing into the sub input on his receiver. Has this happened to anyone here before?? These towers are in great shape and show no signs of wear, with the exception of one side a a little cosmetic black tape on the side of the speaker (just next to wear the grills meet the cab) this is liftinIg a bit. I hope the subs are not blown. The guy that I got them from also stated that he never cranked them up, so the speakers do sound good....just no low end happening. Hope someone here has an answer for me.

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    Hello johnny,
    As long as your friend left the binding post jumper plates in place he would not have needed to make any other connection to the speaker except the usual positive/negative speaker wire connection for the woofer to function. If there isn't any bass coming from the woofer then either the bass amplifiers are not working or the internal woofers are damaged. Try this:
    1). Unplug the AC power cord and remove the screws that go around the circumference of the bass amplifier, then use a putty knife to loosen the amplifier input plate from the cabinet.
    2). Pull the complete bass amplifier from the cabinet and follow the red and black wire to the internal woofer and disconnect them from the woofer's terminals.
    3). Take out the screws that mount the woofer and pull it out from the same hole that the bass amp was located.
    4). Turn the woofer over and put it on a piece of carpet or towel and, at a very low playing volume, touch a pair of speaker wires to the woofer's terminals. The woofer should play at a low volume, resist the temptation to increase the playing volume if you don't hear anything.
    This will tell you if you have a damaged woofer or not.
    Regards, Ken

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