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    Default New System Yesterday - Need Recomendations For Next Upgrade

    I've got a 95 Suburban. Had speakers in all 4 doors and rear pillars (3 pairs).

    I installed a 6 preout head unit, a D4000.4 amp, a pair of db651's and a pair of db6501's yesterday. It sounds great but I want more. More bass and more volume without distortion. I can't decide whether to just get a 10" sub (or???) with a bridged 2000.2 or to get another 4000.4 and add a pair of 6x9's to the mix. What's concerning me about the 6x9's is: 1. I've got to cut some metal to make them fit (stock is 4x10) which is not that big a deal and 2. with only 6 preouts on my HU, I'm going to have to split one of the full range pairs of pre's. I know I can adjust the voltage gain on the amp but I'm wondering how this is going to affect the sound quality.

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    DON'T add more speakers. More = bad SQ. Ideally you would run no rear stage, just front components with a sub. More speakers give you cancellation of bass/midbass frequencies giving you a very uneven response that sounds like mud. You don't want multiple speakers playing the same frequency range coming from multiple angles and distances to your ear. What if you were sitting in a movie theater and instead of hearing the dialogue from the screen, you heard it with equal intensity from both the left and right front and the rear as well? That would sound horrible. Each channel should have its own unique information. By putting rears, they are a copy of the front left and right channels and only degrade SQ by giving you confused staging.
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