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    Default Help needed hooking up my Polk MM6501s and MM651s to a Multi-channel Amp

    Hello all. :)

    I last posted on these forums some time ago in need of some assistance with improving the MM speaker line sound quality and it was suggested I use an amplifier for the speakers (which I was lacking).

    Recently I've purchased a 4 channel amplifier (specs below) and need some assistance wiring the speakers at a 2 Ohm load.

    Here are the amplifier specs:
    ? Class AB circuitry - 2 ohm stable
    ? Surface Mount Technology
    ? MOSFET power supply
    ? Illuminated "Precision Acoustics" logo
    ? Frequency response from 10 Hz to 25KHz
    ? Low level input variable up to 5 volts RMS
    ? Gold plated input & output terminals
    ? Tri-mode crossover selection - LPF / FULL / HPF
    ? Variable crossover control from 50 to 750Hz
    ? Quad protection circuitry - short, voltage, overload and thermal
    ? Protection indicator

    ? Continuous power
    - 4 ohms (RMS) - 65 x 4
    - 2 ohms (RMS) - 100 x 4

    ? Bridged Power
    - 4 ohms (RMS) - 190 x 2

    ? Maximum Power
    - 4 ohms - 130 x 4
    - 2 ohms - 200 x 4

    ? Signal to Noise Ratio: > 90db
    ? THD: < 0.03%
    ? Frequency Response: 10-25KHz

    ? Crossover
    - High pass (HPF): 50-750Hz
    - Low pass (LPF): 50-750Hz

    ? Damping Factor: 220 @ 4 ohm
    ? Input Sensitivity: 200 mV 5V

    Also, a link to the manufacturer website which lists a PDF copy of the owners manual, if necessary:

    How can I ensure the speakers are wired to the amplifier in a 2 Ohm load so that they are receiving 100w per channel? Your assistance is much appreciated!

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    The woofers are rated at 2ohm. All you have to do is hook them up to the amplifier, nothing fancy.
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    Yap, don't even think about it. Amp/speakers will work it out here just right lol.
    Just hook up front sepakers (MM6501 I'm assuming?) to front channels of your amp and rear speakers (MM651?) to rear channels on your amp.

    Set both of your Tri-Mode-Crossovers to HPF (I'm just assuming there's 2 of them, might be only 1) and since they start from 50Hz move the dial just a bit so it's in 60Hz range and you're all set.
    You might also like them all the way down at 50Hz but for a beginner I'd recomend 60 and maybe even 80Hz just to prevent distortion and possible damage due to gain not being set properly.
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    I think the OP thinks if he wires it up funky he can get the 100 watts rated for 2 ohm. Doesn't work that way my friend.

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    ^ He's got 2.7 ohm speakers so he should get close to that much wattage anyway. Shouldnt need much more. Lord knows I have a 125x2 amp with the gain turned own going to one set of db6501's and I can get up to like an SPL of like 114 in my Jetta with just 2 of them (not counting the sub)
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