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    Default Need some suggestions on digital system

    I'm looking to put together a digital system that I can control with my android phone to play music in my bedroom and possibly also in the living room.

    I currently have an htpc running windows 7/xbmc, a home theater receiver and a synology nas in my living room. Works great for movies/tv shows, but xbmc leaves a bit to be desired with music playback.

    I want to set up a pair of speakers, preamp/amp and a digital audio system in my bedroom with the source being the same synology nas in the living room.

    I have been looking at a sonos connect, keeping it in the living room and just running a long coax cable to my preamp in my bedroom. As such, I could control it via my phone and it would play over the bedroom speakers when the ht setup is off, and through the ht setup when the bedroom setup is off.

    Does this sound feasible, any other thoughts? I am looking for any options here - I dont care about wireless, I just want a good digital player with a good remote app that can pull music and organize it well (its already tagged, but playlists, ease of selecting music, etc) on a phone/remote.

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    Feasable....sure. But any digital player is going to benefit from an outboard dac. Sonos has an app for your phone too so thats not a problem. Idealy, you would get 2 sonos boxes, one for the living room and one for the bedroom, download the app for your phone and your controlling both zones seperately or together. The sonos will pull all your music on the computer, your nas, plus give you radio from around the globe and an alarm to wake your butt up in the morning. Not to mention all the music services available too. Nifty device to organize all your music.

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    J. River

    Supports DLNA and Squeezeboxes show up as a Zone device. It's the most robust imo, and you should start your research there.

    You said you dont' care about wireless. Does that mean you will run a hard wire to the bedroom system? If you can, that's a good choice just to avoid any hassle. Either way, I would start at JRMC; they have native WebGizmo app for Android and JRemote for iOS (3rd party).

    There are quite a few posts on the JR forum about doing what you want to do with Synology units in particular.

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