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Thread: newbie question

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    Default newbie question

    I got a pair of rti100 speakers. I have a DVD player which I used to play CD, DVD or VCD. Most of the time I listen the Music CD. I don't care the sound of movie at all. so I guess I don't need a Home theater. do I need a center and surrond speaker for playing music CD? If I add center and surround, will the music sound effect be better? by the way, what kind of speaker wire I should use with this speaker? 16gauge? Thanks

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    I have the RT1000i, which is the model before yours. For music you're just fine, you don't need a center speaker unless you want to run surround.

    I have some Kimber 4vs speaker wire that works out to 13awg. It does a good job at a reasonable price. Generally the thicker the better.
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    If you are just listening to music 2 speakers is fine. Dont spend money on a center and surrounds, spend money on a better amplifier or something like that. 16 gauge is the minimum you should use, especially if your runs are more than 10 feet or something like that

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