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    Default PSW505 not working - schematic for power board?

    I have an older PSW505 sub that has quit working. Get a green power light, but no sound/bass. I pulled the back panel and I noticed that C413 on the power board is blown. Does anyone have a schematic to know what type of component this is to replace it? I realize that another component may have failed to cause this to blow - but wondering if anyone else has experienced this same problem and knows how to fix it at a component level. At the least - I figure I have nothing to lose in trying to buy this component and replace other than the cost of that part itself.

    Appreciate any help or info!


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    Hello jay,
    If you contact Polk's CS guys they can provide you with a circuit diagram. Their telephone number is 1-800-377-7655 or send an email to:
    Regards, Ken

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    C413 is a capacitor and is connected across the smoothing capacitor (1000mf, 160v), cross check th eexact value, but it is the same value as C414 or 416.
    Replacing this component may not solve your problem with that board.Its just a capacitor connected across the rectified out put. Yo may need the schematic to solve tha one.

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