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    Default Why use JB Weld for magnets?

    I have used JB Weld for automotive purposes for years so I know how strong it can be.

    For gluing the magnets in place on the drivers wouldn't a good clear 2 part epoxy work just as well and look much better? Has anyone tried it?

    This may have been covered before but I couldn't find it in a search of this forum.
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    I tried loctites clear 2 part epoxy and found it brittle compared to JB Weld.
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    J-B Weldbond's formulation it a bit different from most epoxies. It is not for use only as an adhesive but for repair. I have used J-B to repair stripped out bolt holes in engine timing chain covers. It remains flexible enough so you can drill and tap it but strong enough for that tapped bolt hole to hold indefinitely.

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    It's also thicker in consistency than (most) regular epoxy and a lot less likely to run/sag.

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    With some practice, JB Weld isn't too hard to use and apply neatly. When I 'welded' the drivers on my Polk Monitor 7s and 5s, I used a plastic fork with all but one tine bent off - that way I could apply a small amount of epoxy right into the joint where the magnet meets the plates. that way I got a small amount right in where it needs to be, with little mess. I think my work looks pretty good - and in any case, I hope that I'll never have to pull the drivers back out and see it again! :)
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