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    Default PeachTree Audio 220 power amp.

    Whats up everyone ,
    We put one on the floor last week and I haven't had time to check it out. I finally to a few minutes to check it out and listen. Well I was pleasantly surprised on how damn good this thing performs and sounds. It's a full Class D amp with 220 watts per channel , nicely built except the plastic outer shell I wasn't a huge fan of but the aluminum faceplate and nice binding posts make up for some of that not to mention the balanced inputs.

    Clarity punch control and high level of detail was all retained with a Bryston Preamp driving a pair of Magnepan 1.7's which by the way are one sweet sounding pair of speakers minus the horrible looks they have in blonde color. 70's look all day.

    I might just have to take one of these amps home and give it some testing time. I'm a bit taken on it's punch.
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    That seems like a nice integrated amp 400 watts in 4 ohms . . . Do you anything about Peachtree Grand Pre? I heard the DAC is good and the ability to switch from SS to tubes is interesting . . . But it retails for ~ 3K . . .


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    It's just a normal power amp, not an integrated.

    PeachTree makes great stuff, every product I've had of theirs has been great. They are a 'love it or hate it' kind of design when it comes to looks, but they make great gear at reasonable prices.
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