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    Default DB6501's or MM5251's ?

    Ok, I didn't have much luck with my motorcycle speaker question so I'll try it this way. My 09 H-D bike uses 5-1/4" stock speakers. I have adapters to allow 6.5" speakers. I also have gauge spots to use components. Now, ideally I'd like to use MM6501's but they are a bit too deep with the adapter rings. The DB/Dxi 6.5" will fit as they're slim enough. I could also remove the adapters and use the MM5251's. In the open environment of a motorcycle, would I really notice the loss of bass using the 5-1/4"s? Do the MM's sound that much better to consider over the DB6501's? The MM's are a bit more $$ but I can find really nice prices on the DB6501's which other than appearance are the same as the Dxi6500's. As far as powering them, I have a JVC deck (22wx2) and Arc Audio amp (75wx2 at 4ohm). I could either power the tweets with the JVC and the woofers with the Arc amp. I could also power in series with the amp as I only have front speakers and give more power to the tweets/woofer if they can handle the power. Thoughts/opinions from those in the know about Polk speakers? thx much ....

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    The MM's will give up a little bit of midbass and low end response to the DB's since theyre smaller but theyll still sound better overall. Id pick the MM's.

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