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    Post TSI400 vs Monitor 70s for Duplex....

    Right now My system consists of

    Receiver: Onkyo 805
    Fronts: Bose 601s
    Center Bose VCS10
    Surrounds: Bose 201s
    Sub : Elemental Designs A2-300

    Before someone starts bashing Bose... I got my speakers back when I was poor through an auction new in the box for about 85% off retail price. But I know the sound they produce isnt what I am looking for.

    Soo... My girlfriend has been hassling me about moving in with her. She extremely against Home Theater... she doesn't understand why i have a 60 inch plasma or a subwoofer the size of a ottoman but she is handling it ok. Before I move in I want to upgrade my system so she has nothing to complain about. Looking around I decided either the Monitor 70s for 350 or Tsi400s for 379 on the polk direct look like the direction I want to go. With a CS20 center channel. I will keep the Bose 201s for rears until I feel like I want to completely upgrade.

    My girlfriend has a mortgage on a duplex (I hate duplexs... Hell I hate living in the city... but shes pretty amazing so I am making the sacrifice) Her neighbor is an older lady... very cool. She never complains about loud noises, I usually check with her with dogs bark all night or I am playing loud music while cleaning. She says she hears nothing but I think she is either deaf or just being polite. From my side of the house, I hear cupboards slam, voices muffled, music in the afternoon. The duplex seems decently sound isolated, but I was thinking the A2-300 was already to much, but how much of a difference will get from the tsi400 and monitor 70s?

    Pro and Cons of each

    Pros.... Sexier (GF a little happier), less bass (Less neighbor complaints)
    Cons... I heard they have very little mid and no bass, and arent good for music (I rarely use for music anyway)
    Question... Since they require less power than the 70's will they sound better with just being biamped with the 805? Less distortion? Do they sound that bad with out a sub (might turn sub off at late night "I work second shift")

    Monitor 70s
    Pros.... Full sound range, Loud
    Cons.... Not so sexy, Lots of Bass
    Question... Do they actually sound decent with no sub? Maybe at night I can turn sub off and just use 70s for movies so I dont disturb neighbor so much. With no separate amp does the 805 push them properly?

    I am going to go give both a demo this weekend at a local store, what am looking for in sound difference?

    I really like both of them from reading reviews and specs.... If lived at my own place, this would be a no brainer for me I would go with 70's but now moving into a duplex I am slightly worried.

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    I think you will be happy with the TSi400's & CS20. Never heard the 70's, But i used the 400/20 combo with great results. Also, don't bother biamping with the 805.

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    The TSI400 is very similar to the Monitor 60 series:

    But is the TSI worth $100 more per speaker than the Monitor? I found that my 70's sound ok without the subs - as long as you have sufficient power to drive them. Your 805 should be fine. The 60's might be more girlfriend/budget friendly, especially if you can find them in cherry. They can also be had for less than $100 from newegg at times. On the other hand, the 70's do have more presence and slightly larger drivers, and more low end grunt. You might want to think about adding an external amp to your 805 pre-outs if you go with the Monitor 70's.
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    polk monitor 70's
    center - polk monitor cs2
    surround - polk monitor 60's
    surround back - jbl e10
    sub - velodyne dps 12
    sub - polk psw110
    avr/pre-amp - onkyo tx-nr809
    amp - carver av405
    display - sharp lc70le847u
    internet devices - WD TV Live Hubs
    blu-ray - sony bdp s770
    blu-ray - pansonic dmp bdt 310
    hd dvd - toshiba hd xa2
    dvr - sony dhg hdd250
    control - logitech harmony one
    turntable - technics sl1500 mkII

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    Welcome to Club Polk!

    I run an M-70, CS2 up front on that same Onkyo. Lots of power for that (of course I run M-30s in the back, but the Bose should be fine). What kind of space are we talking about (see below)?.

    Yes, the larger towers can put out some sound but they "still" need a dedicated sub for movies. They only reach to 40 hz (and I suspect that you can only get to a reasonable SPL of 40 hz if you have a 200 watt x 2 power amp attached to them. Otherwise I think they bottom out in the 50 hz + range. Because even with the Onkyo on Pure Direct and cranked up, the bass is very good but not awesome! But I have heard the 70s with my Adcom 200 watter, and yes, the BASS is greater! So KEEP your sub.

    Now, I must say that the M-70s are a better all a-rounder for music and movies but the TSI-400s just look so much nicer and you're g-friend will like them, plus they''re smaller. And if you have a great sub, it won't make as much of a difference since you'll probably run either speaker (M-70, or TSI-400 at 80 hz or so and the sub will do the rest).

    Also, I think if you're going with M-70s, get a CS2. The CS20 is not a good aesthetic match, it looks very different. Coordinating rooms is a girl's best friend, after all!

    Now, on to your room size. HOW big is it? My system sounds fine without an external amp in a listening space of 11.5 x 16.5 x 8.5 (the room's full length is 25' not 16.5--but the couch is NOT back there). The Onkyo can play TOO loud in that room, if you want it too. My sub is a 300 watt RMS 12", with a 600 watt peak output and a 25hz low (a basic mid-priced sub weighing in at a little less than 50 lbs and similar in specs to Polk's 600/660 (but probably not as "tight" as the Polk?). You sound like you have a more upscale sub, which is a GOOD thing!

    Hope this helps some. When the time comes it will be TOUGH to replace that Onkyo, because prices for a 51 lbs AVR have gone through the roof since that model. So I'm keeping mine till FAILURE!

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    Onkyo TX-SR 805 System #1 HT AVR
    Office Two Channel: LSi-7s (Nakamichi CA-5, NAD 214, Pioneer BDP51fd)
    Vintage Polks: Polk Monitor 5As, Monitor 7Bs [HK 730], Monitor 10As [Marantz 2265], SDA-2Bs [Jolida JD-303, Jolida MV-MK4]
    Headphones: HD600, Q701, ATH-M50s etc. Bravo Audio Ocean amp., Onkyo P-304, Adcom GFA-555, Technics Direct Drive TT

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    Thanks for the Input....

    I went today and looked at what bestbuy had for me to look at... All they had was TSI300s on display to listen to. There sound seemed high almost harsh. I couldnt imagine hearing a car crash over them. Does the TSI400 and monitors compare to the sound of the tsi300s?

    They did have some TSI 400s on display but they werent plug up to anything to listen to... I thought they were fairly large, the actual space I have to work with is about 15 by 15... (The crappy part is one of the corners has a large fire place, grrr I hate fire places) even though the room is more like 15 by 50 feet I am estimating.... The living room, dining room and kitchen basically are pretty open to each other. Did I say I hate this house yet? Ive lived in apartments that are bigger. The ceiling is vaulted at its peak its about 15 feet also but where the Home Theater will be its about 12feet.

    Space being kinda limited and my tv being 60 inches of pure glory that it is.... its going to be a tight fit for me. But I think the actual floor space that the largest speaker I am looking the 70s vs the bose 601s now isnt that much they are just taller.

    Ya I love my 805... I had to send it out for repairs awhile ago, and I have read after that series they changed a lot about the new series in comparison they just aint built like that anymore.

    My sub puts out some serious bass... people come over thinking its oddly placed chair or a ottoman :) it was a good investment till the actual company who makes it went out of business last week. There goes that warranty. Next time I will buy from a long standing company.

    I love the look of the TSI series.... I am still debating on whether the 100 dollars extra is worth look. But they are a lot more modern and expressive looking. Really its more than that because the CS20 to match will cost me more as well. Some reason I had the thought that CS2 and CS20 were the same speaker. I had them mixed up somehow, thanks for straightening me out.

    I am starting to think I might move everything in, Tell her the deal. TO EXPECT ME TO UPGRADE, basically have it in blood that she can't complain about it. So I can see how everything fits in place before I buy something else. But at the same time shes a woman, she can totally change her mind and put her womanly powers on me. So I might need to pull the trigger first ask question later if I really wanna get it done.

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