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    Default Building Weird removable car stereo "Boom-Box". Need some help!

    Hey guys,
    First post over here in the car audio forums. I am starting a strange kinda abstract electronics build, and I am hoping you guys can help.

    So the plan here is I am building a removable, "Boom-Box" style car stereo. I spend a lot of time at music festivals during the summer, and one of my cars is a 2000 Ford Taurus, with the climate control built into the CD player. I only paid $300 dollars for it, so I am currently using a power inverter, a 50W per ch integrated amp, a passive subwoofer and two yamaha satellite speakers to listen to music in my car lol. My plan for this is to use a lot of old electronics I have laying around. So far I have a Xanatrex 400W PortaWattz Power Inverter, a nice Alpine CD player, A 250W ATX computer power-supply converted for CD player use(I have a few of these), And a pair of Kicker 6X9's(Or a pair of boston Acoustics from a chrysler 300M).

    I plan to purchase either two budget 8" subs, or one 10" sub, and a small low powered amp for the subs. I am unsure of whether or not a capacitor would be beneficial to this application.

    So I am going to build a box about 36" long and 24" tall, and cover it in the felt like material sub boxes are covered with. The box will internally contain the power supply, and the inverter/amplifier will be mounted on top of the box. I will put a port to slide the CD player onto the face of the box, and a small "Shelf" to hold an mp3 player. But I am really not sure what the optimum shape for this box would be or how to go about porting it. I could really use some help on this part!!!

    I would also like to build a "window" similar to a PC case, and add some internal lighting (would adding a small case fan to push out air be a good idea?).

    I am also thinking about adding a door that can be flipped open to mount a car battery internally. How long do you think a system like this could run off a car battery/Marine battery.

    Any advice reltated to whether or not the power supply/inverter I am planning to use will work. How long this would be able to run off of a car battery, and how on earth I can build this box properly would be GREATLY appreciated!!!
    Thanks for your time!
    New to the forums, and home theatre.
    This will become my secondary system in the fall or spring, but it consists of:
    Front: Polk Monitor 40's on 36" Bell-O stands
    Front B: Klipsch F-10
    Center: Polk CS-2
    Rear: Polk Monitor 40's
    Subwoofer: Klipsch Sub-12
    Receiver: Yamaha HTR-6130
    Cd Player: Kenwood Dv-605 dvd player to play data disks.
    Macbook pro/External Blu Ray as a HTPC for media.

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    "Thats great... but how does it sound"

    Yamaha RX-A820 (networked with wireless bridge), Carver M-1.0t, Carver TFM-35, Carver C-1, Polk SDA1c's (x2 pair), Polk RTA 8tl's, Polk RTA 11tl's, Polk Monitor 5, Polk CS 400, Polk PSW 650, Rega Planar 3, Sony DVPNC555ES SACD/DVD, Panny 65" Plasma, Roku

    2007 Tundra 5.7 TRD DC
    Pioneer DEH-80PRS
    Polk SR6500
    SI BM 12" subs
    Zed Gladius
    Zed Deuce

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