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    Default Replacing the spring clip module in the RM7


    I recently received a new spring clip module to replace the one that is broken in my RM7 satellite speaker. The thing is, I can't figure out how to get the speaker apart to replace the module. I've removed the 4 screws from the front of the speaker and see that it slides apart at the top, but something is preventing it from sliding apart at the bottom. I don't see any more screws. I'm at a loss. Any ideas?


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    I believe after the four catch cups are removed there are screws underneath, after these are removed the front baffle pulls away from the rest of the enclosure. If you're still having problems call polk's CS folks at 1-800-377-7655 on Monday morning and they can walk you through it.
    Regards, Ken

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    I have the same problem... It would be helpful for Polk to publish this information based on the propensity for these flimsy clips to break (from Amazon reviews).

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    I had the same problem and spent some time this week on the phone with Polk's customer service line. They were really helpful. I took out all four screws under the catch cups, and the two halves of the speaker would absolutely not budge. I tried prying it with a small screwdriver, and all I accomplished was putting some gouges in the areas I was prying against. The guy on the line went and got an actual speaker and took it apart. He said he ran into the same thing, and he solved it by wrapping it in a protective layer (thin foam I think) and whacked it against a work bench to loosen the pieces. They're just held together by friction from a foam gasket between the two halves. He said after tapping the speaker sides a few times, it broke the seal enough to slide the halves apart. I took mine and struck it firmly a few times against my floor (carpet and pad over concrete basement floor). Didn't mar the speaker at all, and it came apart pretty easily after striking it. I wish I had known this before trying to pry it apart, because now I have cosmetic flaws in the speaker from the screwdriver (though I think they will all be hidden when I reinstall it). Bang it hard enough to jar it a little, but don't smash it. Think of it like tapping the stuck lid of a jar to loosen it up. If it still doesn't come apart, try a little harder.
    Hope this will help others having the same difficulties.

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    I had this same problem after installing my new Polk Audio RM510 set in the bedroom. I used gold plated pins on the ends of my cables (old set) while I waited for more monster flex pins to come in the mail. While removing a rear channel speaker to replace the speaker connection the pressure of the pin connection popped out the spring clip. Luckily I was able to find the parts and the important spring. Tried re installing it over and over and it would just keep popping off under any pressure.

    Thought I could find a fix online but nope! So somehow I thought to use some black electric tape the morning after.. Was a last resort before I would call Polk for a fix. Wrapped a piece of tape around the black clip around the side posts to enlarge them as its what holds the clip in place. Shoved it in place and pow! IT WORKED!

    Worked so great that its still holding the heavy 10 gage speaker wire in both clips on the one speaker that broke and its been a couple of weeks! haha

    Wish I would of taken pics of it.. really don't want to remove it but will if needed.

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