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    Default Help please, PA 880 amp with 1 - 12" DXI 124dvc ???

    So i just got my PA 880 amp installed with a single 12" DXI 124 DVC 4ohm dual voice coil subwoofer. The amp has a bunch of buttons and i don't think my installer messed with any of them but he might have. Can Anyone help me with what settings i should set the knobs and buttons to on the amp? I just want to get good bass from the sub without damaging it. I exhanged one of these subs because the spider wire or w/e near the connection metal tabs on the subwoofer were cracking and coming apart. I have a feeling its from too much heat so i want my amp configuration to match this 1 sub i have. Thanks for your help. Here's some pictures and specs.

    pa880 amp

    Product Height- 2"
    Product Width- 13-1/4"
    Product Weight- 7.8 lbs.
    Product Depth- 8-1/8"
    Continuous Watts per Channel (4 Ohms)- RMS 300 x 1
    Continuous Watts per Channel (2 Ohms)- RMS 500 x 1
    Peak Power Watts per Channel (4 Ohms)- 500 x 1
    Peak Power Watts per Channel (2 Ohms)- 800 x 1
    Number of Channels 1
    1 Ohm Stable- No
    Amplifier Class and Type- Class AB
    Low-Pass Filter Variable (50Hz, 90Hz, 500Hz)
    Line-Level Input- Yes
    Speaker-Level Input- Yes
    Crossover Frequency Range- 50-500Hz
    Bass Boost- Yes
    Signal-to-Noise Ratio- 80dB
    Fan Cooled- No
    Bridgeable- No

    Polk Audio 12" DXI 124DVC 4 ohm dual voice coil

    720w peak
    360 watts rms
    frequency response 27hz - 200hz
    sensitivity 88 db
    impedance 4 ohm

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    Turn bass boost off. Phase set to 0. Gain set to the 10:00 position. Crossover set to low pass. Set the crossover frequency to the 10:00 position and adjust it as needed for what sounds best to you. You can turn the gain up a little if the sub is too low but don't go above the "noon" position. Its not a volume knob, it matches the amps input with the head units output so that when the head unit is at 50% volume, the amp is too.

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    Awesome ill try this out thanks

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    what is the power handling of the sub? if it can handle the power the amp and push out, you should set the gain with a DMM, there are tons of videos, and JL audio has step by step instructions on how to you gains with a DMM.

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    this was funny situation. i had done some work for a guy i know. he asked if i wanted his old klf10's in his closet. i said ok. i brought them home. wife said get rid of them. shes not much into the speaker scene. but i had to laugh. im new to polk audio and she doesnt care. so i though. she is my ears when i set up systems. she didnt even want to hear them. she said she liked our sda2's. i thought id share this with polk lovers. i decided my long 3+ years of changing out speakers has come to a end unless i come across some other old polk speakers. i hope to find a good home for these i think i will sell them or givr them to someone who may need them..they are like new inside. couple of the bad. he put a plantpot on one of them. there is a ring on top. i could sand it down n stain it i guess or just tell whoever to put a cloth top and youd never know. i guess. any ideas what these speakers are valued at today. or should i just sell them with condition there in. i know its hard without pictures. also. i hope im not breaking rules by asking

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