Does anyone know what the default is for the peak bass setting? I have a 53TX and I thought I set it when I got it a few months ago, evidently I didn't. Last night, I bought a set of Polk RTi70 speakers for fronts and a CSi30 center. These were to replace the relative components in my Polk RM6500 speaker system. Well, after hooking them up and doing the MCCAC cal, they sounded like crap! I was VERY disappointed. I thought "what the hell was everyone raving about on the RTi70's?" During lunch today, I discovered the peak bass control on the receiver was set to the absolute minimum setting of -80. I HAD NO BASS! Setting the peak control had no effect on the equalization calibration so I believe those two functions are independent. I have the volume on the sub that came with the RM6500 system set to approximately 45% and after doing the MCCAC cal with the Pioneer, it trimmed the lower frequencies by anywhere from 1.5 to 5 db's.

Now, OMG this system sounds phenominal! The sound stage across the front is seamless, as well as it is from the fronts to the rear, I can feel the bass at low volumes, I feel completely enveloped by sound, and it's soooo SMOOTH! Listening to the rooftop scene in The Matrix just makes my heart melt. I now have the peal bass level set to -20 and there is bass aplenty! Does this seem right? Thanks!