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    Smile Going to build 5.1

    I am new to this forum.I am going to build a 5.1 HT for my living room (15x12)sq.ft. I have chosen the following package:-
    AVR - Denon 1612

    Centre - CS10
    Front - Tsi200
    Rear surround - Tsi 100
    Subwoofer - Psw110

    Mostly I will watch movies and comparatively less music. Pls tell me whether Tsi200 will perform well as front.Actually I don't want to go for tsi300 as its price is higher than 200.

    Experts here pls give ur views on the above package

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    I guess it depends on what you are expecting and what you have experience with. If you have zero experience with anything else, it might blow you away and you would be perfectly happy. If you have heard higher end systems, then you might be underwhelmed. Try to demo them at a local store. They might sound different in your living room due to size and acoustical reasons, but it might give you a better idea of what they sound like.

    If you are on a tight budget, I would personally slowly build up the system and buy used higher end items off of craigslist.
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    For the cost, I think you might be more impressed by getting towers. You can get the older Monitor series from NewEgg on massive discounts. They're still excellent speakers for the cost, and the deals are crazy good (especially with November coming, it will get even better).

    I would suggest:

    Center: CS2
    Fronts: Monitor 50's
    Rears: Monitor 30's or a pair or R300's (they go on sale for $50 a piece every other week on NewEgg)
    Sub: PSW505 (goes for $200 on NewEgg).

    Your center is your bread & butter for movies. So get a big, powerful, expansive range center. The CS2 is much larger than the CS1, and well worth it if you're building for home theater (it's less important for straight music listening, but for movies, it's rather important as most information is center-channel focused in movies).

    Your fronts are towers in this case, so no need for additional "stands" in cost.

    Your rears, the Monitor 30's are great for surrounds, they're small and easy to just plop some where or put on a stand (smaller, so easier to put on small stands that are less expensive). Surrounds receive the least amount of information in movies in general, so no need to get anything special for your surrounds, I would keep it small and inexpensive there). Alternatively the R300's are single driver (and single tweeter) towers that are excellent for surrounds too to avoid stands. They end up costing about the same for a pair because they go on sale for $50 a piece often at NewEgg. Kind of nice to go all towers to avoid using stands or placing speakers on shelves/desks/tables/cabinets and you can isolate and move them easily that way so that you can best fit speakers to your room.

    As for the subwoofer, I would definitely go up to the PSW505 over the 10". With the listed speakers above, your budget shifts enough to allow for this. The PSW110 is good, I have one too, but the PSW505 just goes deeper, and feels better in movies. I find that for movies, you want bigger subs for deeper sub-bass response. For music, I find smaller subs are better simply because they're faster.

    Very best,

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