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Thread: batteries?

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    Question batteries?

    i'm currently looking at running the following daily. i'm going to be running about 2 kilowatts. and pulling about 230-250 amps, at max draw. right now i only have an 80 amp alternator that will soon be upgraded. i've found a 160 amp alternator, but am looking at having a custom 200 amp alternator built. i'm going to have a 30-50 amp gap to my amps. so here is my question, what type of batteries should i run? is this gap going to severly effect my amps and how much of the alternator draw goes to powering the car rather than my system? also, how does having two batteries help? won't they both eventually drain anyway? also what kind of batteries do you recommend and where is the best place to purchase them?

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    I run two SVR 28-12 batteries wired in parallel and they work great. But you do need to find he right battery for your car. Deep cycle batteries are the way to go and you can get SVR batteries at a great price from They are about half the regular price. I had to wait awhile for mine b/c they were slod out but it was worth the wait. SVR makes excellent batteries too. They are heavy but powerful. They have battereis that go anywherre form 500-1100 CCA and they are cheaper than Stinger or Optima batteries. Check it out, it will be worth your time. I run a 115 amp alternator, and my system draws a max of 210 amps. I have 1200 CCA and my alternator is set up to charge both batteries (i used two wired in parallel b/c they fit better than one). I have never had a problem and consistantly run about 13.5 v and can get up to 14.0. Go with the SVR just make sure you get the right one of them for your specific car.
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    if you're doin a daily driver i'd take gelcel over deep cycle, deep cycle is more for comp use where you're going to drain the bat and then charge it up again that's what they were designed for. Also look up Ohio Generator for your alt, they make some of the best
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    2,000 wrms can be run off a single large 900 - 1000 cca battery, the style (deep cycle, whatever) is your choice, but a simple die hard / energizer / interstate will do in that size.

    the 160 amp alt will be sufficient as well.

    note - this is for daily driving not for playing sine waves.
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