I recently purchased the Polk Audio Wireless Subwoofer PSWI225 and the Wireless Surround F/X speakers. I am having an issue with both transmitters interfering with each other. I hear cracking and drop in sound in the Wireless Surround F/X speakers and popping sound in the subwoofer especially when both speakers are active while watching a blu-ray movie. If I use one speaker or the other separately, there are no issues.

In order to resolve the interference issue, I have moved both transmitters at the farthest ends of my home theater cabinet. There is about 5 to 6 feet in between them and are located at different levels in the cabinet. I have contacted Polk Audio support who sent me a transmitter replacement for the the Wireless Surround F/X speaker but didn't fix the issue. I have tried the 4 different channels on the subwoofer transmitter with no success. As a note, I also purchased a new wireless router so I can move most of the wireless traffic in my apartment to the 5GHz frequency band and also placed that router in a different room.

I'm running out of idea and was wondering if anyone here was able to use both products successfully. I really hope that I can get both products working together.