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    Default Polk Monitor 50 tweeter replacement-proper receiver/amp?

    I picked up tw0 Polk audio monitor 50's for free from a buddy in non working order.
    I pulled the woofers to find mice had made a nice little home in them and they decided to eat the wires...
    Replaced the wires and... They sound AMAZING! but the right tweeter is out where can I find a replacement?
    I am using a Denon Avr-788 to power them just wondering if this is proper equipment as for I know verrrry little about audio,Thanks

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    Welcome to Club Polk!

    I'm sure if you call up Polk Customer Service they'll be able to sell you a tweeter replacement for that and send it pretty quickly!

    I'd also say that if you're buddy had blasted those Polks regularly, I doubt mice would have found such a happy home inside of them. lol

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