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    Default New Benchmark DAC2

    Just received an email about this. It seems pretty nice, and also handles native DSD. However, I don't know if that is the same as two channel SACD. I do wish they would offer a more audio looking chassis. Their design is too sterile looking for me, even though I do have two DAC1s.

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    I agree with it looking uggg and wish they would have put more thought into the face plate at least. I wonder if the dac1 hdr will drop more than the $300 it has recently. The dac2 has a 5 yr warrant so thats gotta say something about stellar build quality

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    It pretty much follows the form of the DAC1 - I guess they went with the dont mess with success formula. I wish they would go with a 17" unit and a digital display insead of led's. For 2K they did a lot but they could have done more instead of increasing their margins.

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    Looks like a nice feature packed DAC. That would be DoP, or DSD over PCM conversion. JRiver had a hand in developing that.

    Here is an interesting DAC that will do DSD, the exaSound E20. It supports PCM sampling rates from 44.1 to 384Khz at 32bit resolution, and DSD at 2.82 and 5.64 MHz. They offer a 30 day free trial. It uses the same ES9018 Sabre32 DAC chip I built my dual mono DAC around. I modded a Denon 3910 to export PCM and DSD to the DAC.

    I learned of exaDevices from their exaU2I USB to I2S Interface. It can stream multichannel 384 kHz and 352.8 kHz DXD audio in full 32 bit resolution from a PC to a DAC with professional mastering quality. (Their claim but many users do love it). I read that you can even do DSD with it. I want to try it, but don't have the $430.
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