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    Default Wiring 2 MM6501UM + sub to 5 channel amp

    I've been looking at the Polk 4000.4 but I need something "marine" rated for an open top '75 scout. I have 2 of the component MM6501UM speaker/tweeter sets that I want to send 125w RMS to, and am looking for a good marine sub around 400w. I want to power everything with one amp, class D preferred, and am wondering if I get an amp rated at 60w RMS @ 4 ohms per channel, can I somehow bridge the 4 speaker channels into 2 outputs to send to my components, and then run a sub at 2 ohms somehow to get the extra power from running at 2 ohms.

    Thanks in advance, hope that explanation was clear :) I tried searching the forum and couldn't find anything similar.

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    In addition, I wouldn't mind running a separate amp for the speakers and one for the sub. I'm not 100% certain without trying it first if I'll be happy with just 2 component speakers in front and none in back, though I've read many people like that best. If I go the 2 amp route I'd need both amps to be marine rated as well. The difficulty is finding a setup that is enough but not too much power for each 125w rated front speaker, and getting enough power for a sub as well. The kicker 700.5 looks almost perfect for me, but for 2 things: I'm not sure if the 165w bridged to each speaker would be too much? and the size of the amp would mean I couldn't mount under my seat but would have to find some space in the back of the truck out of the way - it's 20" long.
    Thanks for the help in figuring this out- I've been researching for weeks.

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