I?ve been using a Shelf System (RCA RS2664) to provide FM music in the morning and at night ocean sounds from an MP3 file on an USB drive. I hid the receiver in the walk in closet and ran wires to the speakers.

I decided I didn?t like the look of the speakers in the bedroom and bought a pair of Polk RC55i in wall speakers. However, I forgot that the RS2664 had separate wires for the main speaker and the sub woofer that is housed in each of the two speakers. Since the RC55i?s only have one set of inputs this is a problem. If I hook just the main speaker outputs into the Polk?s I get no bass. If I look up the sub woofer outputs I get no highs. If I try to hook both wires into the Polk?s it sounds terrible.

Unless someone has a better way to wire my existing system, I will have to buy a new receiver. I need one that will:

o Output all ranges through one pair of wires
o Play FM radio
o Play MP3 from a USB drive
o Play CD?s (optional)
o Sufficiently drive the Polk RC551?s
o Reasonably small
o Be reasonably priced

Any suggestions? Thanks.