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    Default Sound System No Longer Working

    My sound system stopped working about a month ago - I turned my car off, and when I immediately turned the car back on again, the sound did not come on. The other day, I tried checking all of the fuses (two in the amp and one in the power line) - they were all ok. When I put everything back in place, the sound came back on. The next time I started the car, no sound again. I tried resetting all the fuses again, but that didn't work this time.

    I've checked to see that everything is powered. Does anyone have any ideas?

    A quick background on my setup:
    4 Polk MMs (2x651 and 2x6501)
    Audiocontrol LOC
    PPI P900.4

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    Sounds like a bad connection to me . Possibly a ground connection.

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