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Thread: Phono Pre

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    Default Phono Pre

    So I bought a techtronics turntable for 5 bucks, bought a replacement needle for 35 bucks. But I overlooked one important part of all this.

    The Phono Pre! I do not have one on my pioneer.

    Without dropping major money what is a good one and a goo price? 200 or below?
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    I have read good things about this little unit for $48:

    Some on-line reviewers have preferred this to the more expensive units from Cambridge Audio, Pro-ject and others. I have seen it at other websites for as little as $39 with free shipping, worth the risk at the low price.
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    The Pro-Ject Phono Box II is a great deal. Music Direct has them on sale.

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    Break out the solderin' iron...

    PS if you want a cheap phono preamp option, shoot me a PM - I have a surplus R/S add-on MM phono preamp "in stock" that could be yours for the price of postage (assuming it's in good working order, which I do need to check sometime...)
    all the best,

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    There's quite a lot of good offering in that range from companies like: Music-Hall, Pro-ject, Rega, Creek, Parasound, Bellari, etc. Really not likely to find huge differences between most in that price range. I personally have an older version of the current Parasound zPhono, and have been extremely happy with it. I also have quite a bit of experience with the older Bellari VP-129 (currently the VP-130), and have to admit that it's a pretty fun unit. Great way to try out a piece of tube gear if you haven't before.
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