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Thread: mm651 Issue

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    Default mm651 Issue

    Howdy all,
    I have a brand new set of mm651s that I installed in my car, they are being powered by an Alpine PDX V5 amp with 75W RMS rated output, both are installed and in the rear, my gains were turned all the way down on the amp and have remained so. However one of the two speakers sounds like it has some sort of issue.

    I've visually inspected the speaker and can find no damages on it. It still produces sounds however it is clear that the L speaker does not sound quite right, there is some popping and raspyness on the low notes that the other speaker does not have. Both are connected to their own channel with the same gain coming from the same stereo RCA.

    I can't figure out what it can be other than a factory defect but thought maybe someone else had an idea. I've inspected the entire length of the speaker wire as well as connections at the amp and speakers. All of my connections are solid.

    Looking for other ideas. Thanks!
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