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    Default Favorite Places to buy High Rez music.

    Whats up gang?
    I'm a member to HD Tracks and just checked out Blue Coast Records. Any other good sites? How about some Free samples of 24/96 stuff thats offered to demo? Any ideas?
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    Gimell The Thomas Tallis Scholars, and their label Gimell specializes in the music if the 16th, and 17th century. They have the following release qualities, and Gimell offers sample play back on all of available tracks/formats click on an individual release and scroll below the offered download files and you will see the sample block waiting for you. I have been a customer of this outfit from their very beginning, this is a fantastic label. The Studio Master 176 for stereo systems is magical and the Studio Master 96 5.1 surround recordings are a religious experience.

    Stereo for iTunes (these will play in iTunes but not an iOS device)
    CD Quality ALAC 16bit 44.1kHz 312.7MB
    Studio Master 44 ALAC 24bit 44.1kHz 698.0MB
    Studio Master 88 ALAC 24bit 88.2kHz 1,323.0MB
    Studio Master 176 ALAC 24bit 176.4kHz 2,726.8MB

    Stereo for Windows Media Player
    CD Quality WMA 16bit 44.1kHz 318.4MB
    Studio Master 44 WMA 24bit 44.1kHz 719.2MB
    Studio Master 88 WMA 24bit 88.2kHz 1,334.2MB

    Stereo FLAC
    CD Quality FLAC 16bit 44.1kHz 302.1MB
    Studio Master 44 FLAC 24bit 44.1kHz 683.6MB
    Studio Master 88 FLAC 24bit 88.2kHz 1,306.0MB
    Studio Master 176 FLAC 24bit 176.4kHz 2,679.0MB

    Surround Sound 5.1 for Windows Media Player
    Studio Master 48 WMA 24bit 48kHz 1,785.9MB
    Studio Master 96 WMA 24bit 96kHz 3,268.8MB

    Surround Sound 5.1 FLAC
    Studio Master 48 FLAC 24bit 48kHz 1,694.9MB
    Studio Master 96 FLAC 24bit 96kHz 3,196.2MB
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    I have to check those out later!

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