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    Default the men who built america on history chann.

    We have caught this miniseries and found it very interesting.

    It picks up after the civil war, telling how barons of industry such as Rockefeller in oil, Carnegie in steel, Vanderbilt in railroads, ford in autos all established and grew Entire industrys and transformed not only our country but mankind.

    Its certainly not as in depth as some shows might be that focus on one man, but it does a great job of illustrating how their lives, efforts and industrys worked and competed, and how intertwined they were.

    Many times one industry would supplant another that had been the dominant force in society.

    Modern leaders such as Mark Cuban, Trump, jim cramer, Alan Greenspan, Jack Welsh, Steve Wynn,and others add commentary about the kind of men these were, as well as how different and wide open business was back then.

    All in all pretty enlightening, and combined with the much improved computer graphics and such, scenes depicting events back in the day are much more convincing than older tv efforts at conveying historical accounts of such huge undertakings usually were.

    Might want to check it out.
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